Independent Nursery, Junior and Senior School, Edinburgh

Junior 3


TOPIC:Our topic for J3 this term is ‘Houses and Homes’.  We will be comparing how we live with homes in other parts of the world and also houses from the past. 

Thank you for all the junk modelling materials.  The class demonstrated fabulous collaborative skills to design and build their homes of the future.  We loved the house that had a jet turbo boost that could transport it to a different location (great for getting away from annoying neighbours!)  One house had a moving walkway for the disabled and elderly and one of our favourites had a slide from the bedroom going down into a swimming pool.   The house captains judged them and unanimously agreed that Montrose was the overall winner. 



  Montrose wins our ‘Houses of the Future’ competition.


We have also made our own 3D village and have used it to learn about co-ordinates in maths.





After half term, we are hoping to build an Estate Agents role play area – if you have anything at home that might be useful for it, please bring it in.



WORK AT HOME: Reading books will be sent home on Thursdays each week, to be returned on Wednesdays (make sure they stay in book bags though for class reading during the week).  Spelling patterns we will work on this term are detailed below.   I have also included two links which will give you great ideas for helping your child with spelling as well as names of other websites you might find useful for other learning activities.


If you would like to do more with your child, please, as we say in our assemblies, ‘Just do it!’ Encourage your child to work on their CHIPS.  These can be elaborated on and extended if your child shows a particular interest.  Encourage them to produce the best work they can.  As a class we all enjoy looking and listening to it so much. Reading for pleasure and playing games are invaluable at this age too.


Spelling activities:


Spelling patterns for term 2 are as follows:

-all words

-ar words

magic e (eg a_e words)

+ing rule

<th> words

<ch> words



<ea> for /e/ words eg treasure

soft <c>

wa words

ou sounds

air words

ch for /k/ eg chorus

ai sounds

ie sounds

oa sounds


Other websites: