Independent Nursery, Junior and Senior School, Edinburgh

Junior 4

J4 Spelling Term 3



Comprehension – Every week we will do a written comprehension exercise.  Pupils will be expected to answer in full sentences.


Grammar – We will be looking at many areas of grammar, including punctuation, parts of speech, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms and antonyms.


Writing – We will have a story writing lesson every week.  Pupils will be encouraged to improve their writing by careful planning and by reflecting on and assessing their own work.


Reading – This term we will be reading our class novel ‘Matilda’.  All pupils will be given a chance to read out loud and understanding will be checked through a variety of activities.  We will also continue to use non-fiction books to find interesting facts.


Handwriting – We will be focussing on letter sizing, letter formation and joined-up handwriting.


Spelling – Our spelling for this term is attached. 



This term we will be studying fractions, 2D and 3D shape, area, volume and problem solving.  We will also continue our work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.



This term our topic is ‘The Romans’.  We will be studying the Roman army, inventions, Roman life, Roman food and drink, famous Romans and mapping the empire.


If you wish to do more at home with your child then please do so.  Encourage your child to work on their CHIPs folder. The CHIPs tasks could be elaborated on and extended if your child shows a particular interest.  Please also encourage your child to read for enjoyment and play games.  This can have enormous educational value and promote social and emotional wellbeing.  I agree with Mr Grant’s point of view that homework should be minimal and pupil-driven, where possible.




If you would like to do more with your child you could use the following websites:




Mr Clements


April 2017