Independent Nursery, Junior and Senior School, Edinburgh

Drama and Performing Arts

The Drama department encourages pupils to develop their interest in and enjoyment of Drama, through experience as audience members and by their development of theatre skills within their own practice. Pupils study a range of plays and the work of major theatre practitioners; they also see a range of live theatre and write about these performances. The course is suitable for anyone who enjoys and is interested in theatre – onstage, backstage, or in the audience. Drama. In additon to adademic study there is a wealth of extra curricular opportunities and theatre visits on offer for pupils.


In S1 and S2 Drama is taught as part of the English curriculum. Pupils are taught basic Drama skills including mime, movement, characterisation and use of voice through a wide range of teaching methods and devices, before moving on to more complex improvisation and role-play situations.


S3 and S4 Intermediate 2 Drama

This Drama course aims to provide opportunities for all pupils to explore and use language, movement and theatre as a means of expression and communication. Group work is an essential part of drama. Through consistently working in groups of various sizes with different people in a range of activities, pupils learn and use skills such as contributing, co-operating and compromising, which will be valuable whenever they have to communicate and work with others.


Higher Drama promotes candidates’ knowledge and understanding of theatre. The course focuses on the skills of acting, directing and investigating in a variety of dramatic contexts. The course is divided into 3 units: Investigative Drama, The Study of a Set Text in its Theatrical Context and Contemporary Scottish Theatre


The Advanced Higher course consists of three units: Devised Drama, Twentieth-Century Theatre: Theories of Performance and a Special Study, which allows candidates to specialise in a practical aspect of theatre. The options are acting, directing and design.  Candidates will use skills of research and investigation and extend their skills of textual analysis to arrive at performance concepts for a prescribed text within their chosen option.