Independent Nursery, Junior and Senior School, Edinburgh


Clifton Hall School does not select pupils on the grounds of academic ability. We believe all young children are capable of excelling academically given the right conditions and motivation.



All nursery children and their parents have an enrolment visit, prior to the offer of a place, in order to ensure the Nursery can meet the needs of individual children. External candidates for J1 entry visit the Nursery as a group, where possible, and participate in a range of activities, allowing the school to assess them in line with their peers in the Nursery. During enrolment visits for J2-J7, children join their age group for a mutually convenient day . This is in order for us to assess whether we are the right option for your child’s education rather than to assess whether your child is academically worthy of studying at Clifton Hall. There may be children that have specific requirements for whom we would be unable to cater. We will always seek testimonials from a child’s previous school(s).

S1 entry is determined by date of application. We don’t select pupils on the basis of academic ability.

For entry into S2 – S6 we will seek testimonials from previous schools and also require any relevant SQA information.

Criteria for Selection when Over-Subscribed

Clifton Hall operates a system based on date of registration, except for siblings of current pupils who will always be given preference. Therefore, if we feel Clifton Hall is the right school for your child he/she will be offered a place on a first-come, first-served basis. For example, in J1 where we have a maximum class size of 24, first priority will be given to our own Nursery’s pupils, then to siblings of current pupils and thereafter places will be filled according to the date first registered.

Additional Support Needs

Clifton Hall has a Support for Learning department which caters for children with Additional Needs. This support often takes place in one-to-one sessions and incurs no extra charge.

Pupils with Disabilities

The guide, ‘Disabilities: Definitions and Admission’, deals with the issues affecting pupils with disabilities in a comprehensive manner. Please ask the School Secretary for a copy of this document should you require it.