Independent Nursery, Junior and Senior School, Edinburgh


“I think, for too long, independent education has been seen as elitist and non-inclusive. At Clifton Hall we want to ensure that we are seen as a positive partner within our local communities. The Bursary Scheme is intended to highlight our commitment to all families in the community, as applications will be welcomed from all.” (Rod Grant, Headmaster)

All Bursary Awards are means-tested and require the submission of a Statement of Financial Circumstances Form (see below). All applications are held in the strictest confidence. Bursary awards are up to 100% fee remission. Applications are accepted in February for consideration by the Awards Panel (4 members of the School’s Governing Board). Bursary awards are reviewed annually.

Alternative Sources of Funding:

Educational Trusts Forum
John Watson’s Trust
Joint Educational Trust
Musicians Benevolent Fund
The Cross Trust
The Colin O’Riordan Trust
Directory of Social Change