Examination Results 2018

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Our examination results, announced in August, were outstanding. Particularly worthy of mention are Toby Appleyard, Christina Birch, Sophie Bradford, Katie Cleland and Fraser Taylor all of whom achieved 8 A grades at National 5. In addition, Matthew Ewing and Luc Houbert achieved 7 As and 1B. At Higher, Rosie Brown achieved 5 As and Emma Baxter and Cameron Lessels 4As and 1B. At Advanced Higher, Fraser Greig achieved a quite remarkable haul of 4As. Last, but certainly not least, my special congratulations to Christina Birch, who despite being in S4 sat and achieved an A grade in Advanced Higher Mechanics of Maths – outstanding.

Clifton Hall compares very favourably indeed against the National results:

National Results: CHS results:
Nat. 5 A-D Pass – 89.8%94.9%
Nat. 5 A Pass – 35.1%49.8%
Higher A-C Pass – 76.8%81.1%
Higher A Pass – 28.4%36.4%
Advanced Higher Pass – 80.5%88.9%
Adv. H. A Pass – 32.3%44.4%