Pastoral Care

Clifton Hall provides a range of pastoral care options for pupils.

Speech and Language Therapy

Victoria Mackenzie MA Hons GDip MRCSLT MHCPC
Speech and Language

Victoria Mackenzie is a qualified speech and language therapist with several years’ clinical experience specialising in the assessment, treatment and advice for children (18 months to 16years) with a wide range of speech, language and communication difficulties.

Victoria graduated in 1993 with an MA Hons in Psychology from the University of St Andrew’s and completed her Graduate Diploma in Speech and Language Therapy at Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh) in 2011. In the same year, she started her career as a speech therapist with the NHS, where she continues to work, combined with her private practice. She has worked in many settings such as in schools, nurseries and community clinics. She has a particular interest and substantial experience in Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), speech sound disorders and early language development. She works with children on a one-to-one basis as well as in groups.

Victoria believes that every child should be able to reach their communication potential. She has worked closely with many families of young children offering immediate support and reassurance.

If you would like to contact Victoria, this can be arranged via the school office.

Chartered Educational Psychology

Dr Sionah Lannen

Dr. Sionah Lannen is an international independent Chartered Educational Psychologist based in East Lothian. She is Co-founder and Proprietor of the Red Rose School in Lancashire for pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties (Sp.L.D.), including Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Speech & Language Impairment and High-functioning Autisim.

She was also Co-author and Co-Director of 2 major European Union Projects to develop and implement Sp.L.D. teacher e-training throughout Europe (

Her website is

Dr Gavin Reid

Dr Gavin Reid is an international practitioner psychologist, consultant and author. He was a classroom teacher and university lecturer, and has written over 30 books in the field of dyslexia and learning. His books have been translated into seven languages. He currently lectures worldwide, and has regular international consultancies.

Dr Reid is Chair of the British Dyslexia Association Accreditation Board. He has sat on government panels on assessment and dyslexia, and has been engaged in a number of United Nations-funded projects as a learning difficulties expert on assessment and practice for dyslexia. He carries out assessments in Scotland, England, Kuwait and Canada.

His web site is and his e mail

Dr Jennie Guise

Dr Jennie Guise is a Practitioner Psychologist and author, with extensive experience of assessing for Specific Learning Difficulties in Primary and Secondary Schools, and with older students and adults. She has worked in research, and now in applied practice as founder and Director of Dysguise Ltd ( She works in the UK and internationally, carrying out independent assessments and providing seminars and workshops on dyslexia and related issues.
Dr Guise has recently co-authored books on assessment for dyslexia, and on activities to support dyslexic students:

  • The Dyslexia Assessment’ by Gavin Reid and Jennie Guise is a complete assessment tool for investigating reading, writing and spelling difficulties in learners. Designed for teachers and specialists in all education sectors, including early years, primary, secondary, further and higher education, this book provides practical and comprehensive guidance on carrying out an assessment for dyslexia, and interpreting and acting on results.
  • The Big Book of Dyslexia Activities for Kids and Teens: 100 Creative, Fun, Multi-sensory and Inclusive Ideas for Successful Learning’ by Gavin Reid, Nick Guise and Jennie Guise includes over one hundred tried-and-tested fun and imaginative activities and ideas to unlock the learning of children and teenagers with dyslexia in creative ways, to help them to become successful learners across the curriculum.

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