The Junior School

The curriculum focuses on the important areas of numeracy and literacy. Indeed, around 50% of our timetable is devoted to these crucially important areas. Beyond this, children’s learning is enriched by coherent and progressive programmes of study in Geography, History, Science, Modern Languages, Religious and Moral Education, Music , PE and Games, Swimming, Art, Drama, Outdoor Education, Health and Well-being, ICT and a myriad of other pursuits within the curriculum itself and beyond.

Throughout the year, all classes go on three educational trips outside of school. In Junior 7, this culminates in a week-long trip to an Outdoor Education Centre where children are given the opportunity to climb, sail, kayak, abseil and orienteer.

We aim to encourage children to develop a sense of their own particular learning style. We endeavor to promote critical thinking skills and ensure that each pupil is numerate, literate and articulate.