Accounting is a key function in all organisations.  Without effective accounting procedures and accountants to provide timely and relevant information to management, organisations may perform less successfully than they otherwise might.


National 5 Accounting

The National 5 course acts as an introduction to accounting.

The purpose of the Course is to enable learners to understand, and make use of, financial information so that they can prepare accounting statements and analyse, interpret and report on an organisation’s financial performance. A main feature of this Course is the development of numeracy and thinking skills.

The Course aims to enable learners to:

  • develop an awareness of the important function accounting performs in industry and society
  • develop accuracy in the preparation, presentation, interpretation and analysis of accounting information and apply a systematic approach to solving financial problems
  • apply relevant accounting concepts and techniques when preparing financial information
  • develop an awareness of a range of sources of finance available to organisations and when to use the most appropriate ones
  • apply information technology (ICT) in accounting-related tasks

The Course combines practical and theoretical aspects of learning related to accounting and will allow learners to use ICT when completing both computer and paper-based tasks.

Accounting relates to many aspects of everyday life and, therefore, gives learners experiences which are topical and which develop skills for learning, life and work. The Course encourages learners to think logically and to apply accounting principles in their everyday lives, thereby supporting their personal financial awareness.

This course is split into 3 mandatory units:

  • Preparing Financial Accounting Information (Double Entry Book Keeping; Trading, Profit and Loss Accounts; Balance Sheets)
  • Preparing Management Accounting Information (Cash Budgets; Stock Costing; Overhead Analysis; Job Cost Statements; Break-Even)
  • Analysing Accounting Information (Ratios)

Pupils will also complete an Accounting ICT Assignment (Value Added Unit) and sit a final exam to achieve a grade in this subject.


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