Art and Design

The Art and Design courses follow ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’ guidelines, enabling pupils to have a broad experience, to develop skills and identify strengths and interests.

At all levels, drawing and the ability to use visual methods to communicate ideas or feelings, underpins much of the work done in the Art department. Therefore learning through drawing, especially from observation, is particularly important. A broad range of media is explored to produce two and three-dimensional works.

Through study of works by professional artists and designers, critical appreciation, critical thinking and research skills are developed. Design tasks require pupils to research, analyse and problem-solve, sometimes working on their own personal ideas but also on group projects.


Beyond Senior 2

Pupils may continue their study by embarking on the National 5 course. This enables them to continue the development of practical skills, problem solving and expression of ideas. Students further their researching, critical analysis, and also embark on realistic design tasks, which mirror those of professional designers.

In S5 by progressing to Higher Art and Design, students have the opportunity to continue their work, developing a greater depth of understanding, sophistication and skill. They also employ design skills to produce prototypes, models or artists illustrations of their own Product Designs, Fashion Items, Jewellery or Architecture.

Advanced Higher offers the opportunity for in-depth study in S6.