IT and Administration

IT and Administration focuses on the vital skills each pupil will need to progress in today’s modern world.


S1 and S2 (ICT)

S1 and S2 have two periods per week over half the session. The course focuses on the ability to use IT to process information in ways that will be useful in the work place, at home and especially in the classroom.

Pupils will learn techniques of effective file management. They will also carry out Internet research for Chemistry and History, presenting their findings using Microsoft’s Movie Maker and PowerPoint. Using MS Office 2013, they will learn further word processing and spread sheet skills (including simple and complex formulae, and charts).

Pupils will also use other software such as Comic Life (Desktop Publishing), Google SketchUp (3D Drawing) and Scratch (Programming Language).


S3 to S6

Pupils can opt to study Administration & IT at National 4, 5 and Higher level.  They will learn administrative and information technology skills which will allow them to work effectively in a business environment.

National 4/5 – Administration and IT

Aims of the course:

  • To develop an understanding of administration in the workplace and key legislation affecting organisations and employees
  • To develop an appreciation of good customer care and its benefits to organisations
  • To develop IT skills and use them to perform administrative tasks
  • To acquire organisational skills in the context of organising and supporting events (including meetings)

The course contains a significant practical component, which involves experiential learning and uses real-life contexts. Skills acquired will include:

  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases (flat and relational)
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Presentations
  • Internet research
  • E-mail
  • E-diaries


Higher Administration & IT

Building on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed at National 4 and 5, the course places an emphasis on the development of problem solving and decision-making skills and is appropriate for those seeking careers within the modern business environment.

The course is made of the following three units:


Pupils will acquire an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the factors contributing to the effectiveness of the administrative function, such as the strategies for effective time and task management and for complying with workplace legislation, and of what makes effective teams. The theory in this Unit will also cover customer care.


The general aim of this Unit is to develop pupils’ skills in IT, some of them complex, and in organising and managing information in administration-related contexts. The Unit will also enable learners to problem solve using Microsoft Office 2013 including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook. The Problem solving will involve selecting appropriate IT applications to analyse, process and manage complex information in the context of creating and editing business documents.


The general aim of this Unit is to enable pupils to develop a range of IT skills, some of them advanced, for communicating complex information to others, including:

  • Barriers to communication and ways of overcoming
  • Maintain the security and confidentiality of information