Modern Studies

Modern Studies is taught throughout the secondary school. The subject looks at current social, economic, and political issues in the UK and internationally. It encourages pupils to develop an understanding of these problems and the means of resolving them as well as helping learners to come to their own objective conclusions. An understanding and appreciation of human rights and responsibilities as well as an awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of different social groups are important aspects for all year groups.

Visiting speakers – for example from the Scottish Parliament  – are encouraged and we have links with a local care home.

Recently, in conjunction with the English and Maths Departments, we have held Mock Elections in which pupils from J7 to S6 have participated.

In S1 and 2 Curriculum for Excellence is being delivered through the context of People in Society, Economy and Business and learners are being helped to acquire the four capacities.

Pupils may choose to continue studying Modern Studies at National Level 5 and then to progress to the Higher course.