Examination Results 2019

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Our examination results, announced in August, were outstanding. Clifton Hall compares very favourably indeed against the National results: National Results:                                                                                 CHS results: Nat. 5 A-D Pass – 90.7%                                                                     97.9% Nat. 5 A Pass – 35.1%                                                                        ...

Inspection Report 2016

| Category: Inspections
The recent Inspection findings have been made public by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate and I am now at liberty to share these findings with you. Among the findings which are most pleasing are the conclusions that, ‘The...

Alumni Dinner 2014

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Clifton Hall hosted its first ever Alumni Dinner on the 10th of May, 2014. The film shows edited highlights. All former alumni are invited to get back in touch with the school by emailing Please...