Many students at Clifton Hall are actively involved in music making of many kinds. Whether learning an instrument, studying music formally in the curriculum or performing in one of the School’s many ensembles and choirs. All students are actively encouraged and supported in the development of technical skill, musical knowledge and, more fundamentally, in discovering a love of music for life.

Pupils in the Junior school receive one and a half hours of class music a week from J1 to J3. When pupils reach J4 to 7, they join Clifton Hall School Junior Choir and receive one hour of class music a week.

Pupils receive 1 hour and 10 minutes of class music per week in S1 and S2. Students are encouraged to bring their instruments to class to use in practical activities. Activities develop listening, performing and composing skills.

Pupils in S3 can opt to study Music and the school follows the SQA National 5 course, which pupils are presented for in S4.

Pupils can continue their music studies in S5, with the Higher and Advanced Higher Music course.