The programme supports the ethos of the school in instilling values of honesty, tolerance, respect for others and a willingness to co-operate and to share. It aims to encourage and support the personal development of our pupils and is concerned with: self-esteem, self-awareness, social development, interpersonal relationships and the development of skills which help pupils to work independently; participate effectively in groups and make their own decisions.

This programme is very much in line with the national review of the curriculum, which has as its aim that all young people are enabled to become confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens. National priorities such as enterprise, financial education and citizenship all form part of the programme.

Clifton Hall School will be working in partnership with a number of outside agencies who will supplement staff expertise, particularly in the form of lectures to senior pupils.   We aim to equip all our pupils with life skills as well as academic excellence.

This session we will be working in partnership with:

  • Independent Careers Advisors to provide support for students from S4-S6 with career choice and skills profiling and to support S6 with creation of UCAS applications.
  • Barclay’s Financial Services to provide S4-S6 with Lifeskills Workshops to support interviews and job applications.
  • Edinburgh School of Food and Wine to provide students with Lifeskills workshops.
  • Live-N- Learn to provide workshops on Growth Mindset and Resilience Building.

Our intention is that all students will have a good understanding of the world of work and employment opportunities irrespective of the educational and career pathways they choose. This will help all students to manage their careers and develop skills to secure employment and succeed in the workplace.