The fee scale for Academic Session 2024\25 is as follows:

* monthly payments are due on the 1 st of each month

School Session Annual Fee *Per 10-month standing order (August – May) *Per 12-month standing order (August – July)
Senior School (S1-S6) All day, inclusive of lunch and snack and examination costs. £17,850 (£5,950 per term) £1,785 £1,487.50
Junior School (J1-J7) All day, inclusive of lunch and snack, books etc. £14,760 (£4,920 per term) £1,476 £1,230
Nursery Flat fee, regardless of hours, inclusive of lunch and snack. £9,000 (£3,000 per term) £900 £750


  • Clifton Hall operates three terms in an academic year
  • Bursary awards of up to 100% are available based on financial need
  • Reductions of 10% for the first brother or sister of a current pupil, 20% for the second sibling, 30% for the third and above will apply to all categories
  • Fees are payable in advance and are due by the first day of term. Payment may be made by 10 monthly installments (Aug – May) under a Bank Standing Order
  • No allowance is made in the case of absence, but parents may insure against this if desired
  • ‘Extras’ are confined to those things which are personal expenditure or incurred optionally, such as school trips, after school activities, school bus runs and after school club. Estimated charges for all activities are intimated at regular intervals. Individual music tuition is charged out directly by the Music Teacher and charges are set according to the recommendations of the Incorporated Society of Musicians
  • The After School Club is charged at £10 per session (when booked in advance, or £15 per session for ad hoc bookings), and is available daily up until 5.30pm. Session 1: 3.00-4.15 pm; Session 2: 4.15-5.30 pm. There is a £20 late pick-up charge from 5.30pm onwards.
  • The School Buses (may vary according to demand)
    • Deer Park (Livingston) to CHS
    • Bathgate to CHS
    • Edinburgh to CHS
    • Falkirk to CHS
    • Inverkeithing to CHS
  • Payable in advance, further details available from the school office