Rod Grant has been Headmaster at Clifton Hall since 2005.

Born in Scotland in 1964 to an English mother and Scottish father, Rod established an award-winning restaurant with his brother before turning to the world of education. A Merchiston boy himself, Rod has now worked in schools for over 30 years both in the private and state sectors.

Rod’s vision for the school is to bring it to the forefront of Scottish education. He is a regular contributor to the national press, BBC Radio Scotland and educational journals as a passionate advocate for Clifton Hall’s unique education ethos:

“Clifton Hall treats each pupil as an individual and we seek to personalise their education so that they can benefit from being given the opportunity to shine. Clifton Hall School will NEVER contain more than 500 pupils, in small classes and in small year groups. With this structure, we can discover talents, care and nurture and help to assist in the development of character and self-belief.”

Rod recently had his first book, ‘Success Decoded’, published by Amazon. He is married to Helen (who is also a teacher and currently works in the school’s Junior faculty) and has one son, Amos (who attends Clifton Hall), and three grown-up step-children.