I award the SQA a FAIL

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I am beyond angry.

The SQA is in its infinite wisdom appears to know our pupils better than we do. There were 436 presentations in the school this session and of those 138 were downgraded. This means that 32% of our estimates were deemed inappropriate. What that essentially says is that the professionalism of my teachers in reaching their estimates is being called into question; that the SQA is openly questioning our assessment credibility.

The estimates provided to the SQA were honest, sincere, justified, fully evidenced and moderated within Faculties. Following this lengthy and arduous process, we know that the estimates provided were a true reflection of each candidate’s achievements.

However, to ensure that the SQA’s statistical model remained ‘credible’, a whole section of individual pupils have been disadvantaged through no fault of their own.

Is it not the ultimate irony when members of our teaching staff have been invited to assess appeals but whose own results have been called into question?

I sincerely hope the SQA are ready to deal with the 125,000 appeals that are now likely to land on its desk. I wonder who they will ask to do the marking? The teachers whose judgement they clearly cannot trust?

The situation is nothing short of a complete shambles and the time is ripe to ensure that whole-scale change takes place.

A full-scale independent review should be enacted as a matter of urgency.

Rod Grant