Welcome to the Clifton Hall Alumni Let me start by introducing myself.

Known now as Tamara Boisseau (nee Purdie), I was a happy Clifton Hall pupil from the school’s first ever nursery class in 1989 through to J7 in 1997.

The school has always and continues to mean a lot to me. I met my husband, Charlie Boisseau, there. Some of my closest friends to this day are those that I made at Clifton Hall. Charlie and I even had our wedding reception in a marquee on the Cedar Lawn, and most of our Clifton Hall class were in attendance. More recently, we enrolled our son into the school.

Charlie and I have maintained a close relationship with Clifton Hall, which has allowed us to witness the incredible transformation of the school over the years. I joined a small, traditional boarding prep school of circa 90 pupils, which is now a modern 380+ strong nursery, primary and secondary school that has still managed to nurture the same small school environment that we all enjoyed while we were there.

I’m pleased to report that the school has not lost that special community feeling that it always had. The second I walk in, it always feels like coming home. It still smells the same. The meals are just as delicious as they always were (and birdseed is still on the menu!). The classes are still small and each pupil gets the individual attention they deserve. The kids are just as happy.

Starting in the nursery in 2019, we believe our son will be the first child to two alumni parents to have attended. We think so, anyway. There aren’t any known records of this happening before. This is when it struck me…

There are so many ways to keep in touch nowadays. There’s Facebook, Twitter, email, even exchanging an annual Christmas card. Many of my Clifton Hall classmates regularly pop up on my social media feeds. It’s a fantastic way to keep in touch with each other, but not everyone has a reason to have an active link with the school any more.

Clifton Hall did not have an active alumni association. So I thought I’d start one.

So thank you for signing up. This will allow us all to keep in touch as well as keep you up to date with what’s happening at the school. This will include:

  • Upcoming Events (including Alumni events)
  • Projects
  • General News

It will also give us a chance to reminisce. After all, who doesn’t have fond memories of running around the three trees, jumping around that (freezing!) games hall, or going on a conker hunt.

Kind regards

Tamara Boisseau
Head of Clifton Hall Alumni Association